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The Vanson Hailwood Jackets
• Hand made by Vanson from U.S. Competition Weight Leather
• There are two styles available, the '60's era - MH-O1 (shown right) and Mike's '78 comeback - MH-02 (shown far right )
• Only 500 numbered jackets of each design
• Authentic "period" embroidered patches
• Each jacket made to order with your name embroidered in the lining
• Correct details such as rayon lining
• Limited edition racing print of Mike included with each jacket
• Letter of authenticity included

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Drum-dyeing Leather
The Vanson Philosophy: No Compromises
The quest for excellence and perfection never ends. We continue to create a new standard with every Vanson Product.

Every Vanson product is as unique as your own bike. Our workers make sure that your jacket has the fit and the finish that will distinguish you from the crowd. Perhaps that is why you can spot a Vanson garment in a crowd of hundreds. And, we will continue to make the most innovative and unique products for years to come. Your investment in a genuine Vanson will make even more sense in 10 years: you'll still be wearing it!

That is what we call "heirloom quality" garments.

That is the heart and soul of Vanson.

The Leather
At Vanson we use domestic drum-dyed top grain cowhide, finished and waxed by hand. Tanning is the process of converting the cellular structure of skin into a network of collagen fibers. How short or how long, how tangled or how straight is the determining factor in the stretch and the strength of the leather, and the density and complexity of that network is affected by the blend of materials used in the tanning. The random structure of this network has great tensile strength. This, as ancient toolmakers and armories as well as modern motorcyclists know, makes for an unparalleled protective material. So good that man has been unable to duplicate or improve it for the purposes of the modern motorcyclist.

Vanson leather is chrome tanned, a process developed in the last half of the nineteenth century to create leather that is strong, durable, can be dyed and will hold that coloring. The next step is drum dyeing where Vanson leather is tumbled for up to six hours with a mixture of oils, dyes and hot water in 12 X 12 foot oak drums. This method impregnates the leather with color and nourishes the skins making them stronger and more supple. After drum dyeing the skins are polished and waxed to maximize the character of each hide. Finally, finishing is the process where our leather receives its top coat and is made ready for cutting.

Before finishing we select only the best tanned hides, culling out skins that don’t meet our standards. Then, once the skins arrive at our cutting tables, we further eliminate any inferior skins as we start the process of building your jacket.

Some manufacturers use nude leather with a smooth buttery finish.  In contrast to that Vanson leather is somewhat stiff. It is polished and its top coat over several underlying applications of waxes gives it Vanson’s characteristically deep finish, its luster and its durability over time. In the worst-case scenario, when your jacket is all that’s between you and the asphalt, your Vanson jacket with its different feel and hard topcoat has been proven to perform the best.

Hand Cutting Leather


Hand Sewing Leather

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